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Saying positive statements--"Affirmations" every day opens up the power in your 7 chakras! Balanced chakras allow you to manifest every kind of abundance in your life—more Money, more confidence, more creativity, more spirituality, more energy, more joy!

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Negative thought patterns hold you back from your true potential. With daily practice, affirmations train your brain to think positively and you will reach goals more easily

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Whatever you feed will grow!  Thoughts create your actions, and actions create your reality.  When you consistently feed your mind empowering statements, those seeds are planted and nourished and will grow into a BEAUTIFUL LIFE!

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Hi there, I'm Becky!

I'm so honored that you landed here on my website! A little about me-- I am a wife of 38 years to a wonderful husband,  mom to 4 amazing grown-up kids and their equally amazing spouses, and “Granny” to 5 (so far) precious grandchildren--2 of them are in this photo with me and my husband who they call "Bonka"!  I am also a Mentor, Life Coach, Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner,  Entrepreneur, and a healthy living enthusiast!  I love nature, crafts, spending time with my family, traveling, studying my ancestor’s history, and serving God.

After many years of "just surviving" I decided there had to be a better way!  I was pretty sure God had more in store for me and my family, but we were stuck!  We were in debt which caused relationship challenges, we had health issues, and lived in a very stressful situation.  I began reading self-improvement books and researching abundance and prosperity methods.  I went to seminars and workshops and took online courses--I invested in these for several years!  I tried many things and failed!  But the key for me was when I learned that everything is energy, and if low vibration energy was cleared and replaced with positive energy--a higher vibration--I could release old patterns and beliefs keeping me stuck.  When I got into alignment with what I wanted and what was best for me (what I call "vibe") a whole new wonderful world opened up!

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