Hello! I'm Becky

I help you break free from emotional baggage, raise your vibe, and create  abundant health, wealth, and relationships!

Hello! I'm Becky

I help you break free from emotional baggage, raise your vibe, and create abundant health, wealth, and relationships!

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A Life Coach helps you reach high goals

What Can A Life Coach Do For Me?

I help you reach your goals, find and live your life purpose, and create the vibrant, abundant life God has intended for you! If you want help & support learning the Emotion Code or Body Code, I tailor my coaching to fit your needs.

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Family and Pets need Emotion Code

Who Needs Emotion/Body Code?

Everyone will benefit from releasing trapped emotions, breaking down heart walls and fixing imbalances in our bodies. When I say everyone, that includes children and even pets.

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Have Questions about Emotion Code

What Can I Expect? / FAQ

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions, such as how a session works, how effective this is long distance, how long before you may see results, and if energy work can be used in conjunction with western medicine.

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Connie L. testimonial

" I can never thank you enough, Becky!  I feel like a burden has been lifted from my heart and mind--I feel so light and so full of hope!.  The sessions have amazed me--how the emotions buried deep inside or inherited from ancestors are able to be identified and released.  You have been blessed with a gift to help so many people and I will always be grateful.  My digestive issues have improved greatly, and I am grateful for that as well as the emotional burdens being so much lighter. I look forward to working with you on a continuing basis as I strive to be in the best physical and emotional health possible!  Thank you, Thank you and God bless you and your work!!"

~Connie L.

Rachel F. Testimonial

"Becky Graff's Body Code sessions really helped me to move out a lot of toxic energy. Every session, I had huge yawns and tears as old emotions and other harmful energies were released from my body. She helped me to alleviate incredibly painful pms cramps. During the course of our 9 sessions, my painful pms went from 4 really rough days to just one morning!! After years of struggling to find the healing I needed, I am so impressed with the power of the Body Code. I know that my body will continue to heal with more sessions.
Becky is such a lovely person to work with. She really goes the extra mile to help release all that the body is able to release while replacing these harmful energies with peace, love, and balance. I always felt very safe and well taken care of during my sessions. Becky has such a loving presence which no doubt helps to accelerate the healing. I have already recommended her to several friends!"

~Rachel F.

Have a healthy Immune System
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Boost Your Immune System!

Do you feel powerless in these challenging times?

Even though there are many things you don't have control over, you CAN have control over your THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS.  There are TOOLS you can begin using right now to help you and your family clear fear, anxiety, and manage what's going on in your mind. Stress, worry, and fear deplete your Immune System!

There are also simple SUPPLEMENTS, HERBS, and ESSENTIAL OILS you can use to strengthen your Immune System so that you don't get sick in the first place, or recover much quicker with fewer, less severe symptoms if you do!

In this VIDEO CLASS I teach you how to strengthen your physical, emotional, and spiritual health to boost your Immune System.  Knowledge is power, so take your health back into your own hands!  These tools and techniques will empower you to be healthy, confident, and calm amid the "chaos".



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