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Who I Am...

Hello! I'm so honored that you landed here on my website! A little about me-- I am a wife of 38 years to a wonderful husband,  mom to 4 amazing grown-up kids and their equally amazing spouses, and “Granny” to 5 (so far) precious grandchildren--2 of them are in this photo with me and my husband who they call "Bonka"!  I am also a Mentor, Life Coach, Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner,  Entrepreneur, and a healthy living enthusiast!  I love nature, crafts, spending time with my family, traveling, studying my ancestor’s history, and serving God.

After many years of "just surviving" I decided there had to be a better way!  I was pretty sure God had more in store for me and my family, but we were stuck!  We were in debt which caused relationship challenges, we had health issues, and lived in a very stressful situation.  I began reading self-improvement books and researching abundance and prosperity methods.  I went to seminars and workshops and took online courses--I invested in these for several years!  I tried many things and failed!  But the key for me was when I learned that everything is energy, and if low vibration energy was cleared and replaced with positive energy--a higher vibration--I could release old patterns and beliefs keeping me stuck.  When I got into alignment with what I wanted and what was best for me (what I call "vibe") a whole new wonderful world opened up!

What I do...

Sharing what I have learned (and continue to learn) is part of my passion--you don't have to learn the hard way like I did!  I now have great health, a thriving business doing what I love, and growing abundance in every area of my life.

You are a beautiful creation of God--you are a being of light and intelligence.  you are not meant to simply endure life's journey, but to have joy and happiness.  Along this journey, bad things sometime happen, life gets messy, we lose our way and get stuck--we forget who we are!  My passion is to help people heal--both mentally and physically, and find the health and happiness God intends for you to have!  Living a vibrant life full of love, gratitude, and joy is possible!

How I Can Help You...

  • Emotion Code, Body Code, Belief Code, and Heart-Wall Sessions
  • Personal, Faith-based Life-Coaching
  • Mentoring current or future Energy Practitioners
  • Online Courses, Free Facebook Groups

As Featured in...


It has been my privilege to be personally mentored by Dr. Bradley Nelson and his daughter Natalie Nelson. The certification in both Body Code and Emotion Code, as well as extensive additional training, provided a firm foundation for my practice.

What others are saying...


"I am so grateful for Becky Graff and all she has done for my family and continues to do. I was referred to Becky by a friend when I was in a sad and what felt like desperate situation. My at the time, 5 year old son was being bullied at school and for a while he had retaliated back at other kids and after enough times in the principal’s office he began to internalize his problems. My son would on random occasions say to me “I hate myself; I am fat dumb and ugly.” He would also tell me “Mom, I have darkness inside of me”. He was acting out in every way and I cried so much for him at the time. I called Becky hoping for a miracle and an answer to my prayers. After one session with Becky, my son said to me (two days after Becky had done the session) as we were driving in my car “Mom I don’t have darkness inside me anymore”. My son is back to being my hyper, loving, hugging and kissing, now 6 year old boy."    --Maureen H.  Utah, USA


"Thank you so much Becky!! I feel so light now. Like a big heavy load of baggage has been lifted off of me. I feel like I have awakened spiritually and physically. It's kind of hard to explain, but I'm very happy!!"   --Melanie S.  Canada

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