Frequently Asked Questions

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How does an Emotion Code/Body Code Session work? 

Energy clearing is not healing power in itself; it is a technology that balances your mind, body, and spirit’s own natural healing ability.  As we find and clear low-vibration energy in a session, it is replaced with high vibration Divine light and love, which then allows healing to occur.

Most of my sessions are done remotely via phone. Some new clients are hesitant about doing sessions via phone or Skype, or just communicating for the session via email, and often ask me if a distance session is as effective as an office appointment. The answer is…Absolutely! I use muscle testing (aka kinesiology) and by making a connection energetically, we can get amazing results without being in the same room or even in the same country!
When we have our first session, we’ll take a few minutes to talk about your health–physical, emotional and/or spiritual, and where you’d like it to be. From there we’ll decide where to focus our session. I will simply connect to your energy with your permission and act as a “proxy” for you. This means that I muscle test on myself in your behalf.
I’ll be using the gentle, simple, yet powerful techniques of the Body Code and Emotion Code to detect the underlying causes of imbalance in your energy system and release them. We just talk and I’ll fully explain the releasing we need to do. I ask a series of questions (of your subconscious) and receive yes or no responses while I muscle test. It’s super easy, and quick, plus you can even stay in your pajamas if you want!


What is the next step after I schedule a session?

You will receive a confirmation email after scheduling an appointment, and a reminder email the day before as well. If we are doing a telephone session, You will call me at the scheduled time at 435-773-3874. If our session is a non-phone email session, I will complete the session at the scheduled time. I will always email you a detailed report of what was found and released.


What will I feel during a session?

Some people feel an energy “shift”, such as getting chills or goose-bumps, yawning, getting emotional (even shedding a few tears), a second or two of nausea, or feeling very relaxed. Most of my clients tell me they feel a sense of “lightness” or peace and calm.

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How long before I see results?

During the 24-48 hours after a session, your body will be “healing” and processing the energy shifts. Each person’s experience with the Emotion Code and Body Code is unique–usually some results will be felt immediately, while with other issues the healing will be more subtle over a period of days or weeks. It is important to allow the body the time it needs to adjust to the changes. True healing is a process–a journey, and your body knows exactly what it needs to heal, and in what order it needs to release things. Your results will depend on how many imbalances you have and how quickly your body respond to the techniques. Sometimes things are buried under several layers, and as we remove the layers (think of an onion) It is so exciting when we get to the center of an issue and are able to resolve it once and for all for deep and lasting healing!

Does the Body Code/Emotion Code work on animals?

Absolutely! I have always loved animals and have a special connection with them–they are some of our most beloved companions and trusted friends! I have had the privilege of working with horses, dogs, cats, and goats so far and have had great success. Animals experience the same range of emotions that humans do, including pain and anxiety due to trapped emotions. Eliminating these trapped emotions results in the improvement or even the disappearance of sad or bad behavior and physical problems as well! Trapped emotions in animals can be released just as they are with humans. Animal Emotion Code session are normally done via email unless I have a special request for a phone session with the owner.

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Can Emotion Code/Body Code be used with children?

Definitely! I love working with children!  Having 4 of my own as well as having the joy of now being a granny, I have a special place in my heart for these precious souls. I have had the privilege of working with all ages of children–from infants to age 18 and I work on my grandchildren all the time! Depending on the age of the child, I usually talk with the parent on behalf of their child and simply connect with the child’s energy for the session. An Email (remote) session works amazingly well–If I have the parent’s permission and the child’s energy permits a connection, the child doesn’t even need to be aware that anything is being done (they can even be asleep in their bed) All they know is they feel better the next day!

Can energy therapy be used in conjunction with Western Medicine?

Absolutely! I am NOT a licensed healthcare practitioner and energy therapy is NOT a substitute for medical or psychiatric care. Energy work is not meant to replace any medical treatment, and it will not interfere with treatment you’re already receiving from other practitioners. In fact, it will enhance them! By correcting any underlying imbalance, we reduce the stress on the immune system, and bring you back to your natural state of balance. This allows the body’s natural self-healing ability to take over and miracles to happen!

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